Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to delete Paypal account information stored in a Skype account

Skype stores your paypal account and can charge you anytime. Of course by accident.

Well I didn't like that my bank account could be charged through skype with a click of a button.

So I logged in to my skype account to figure out how to delete my paypal account from my skype account. No help there. All they tell you is: Go log in to paypal and delete the agreement from paypal.

Well so I search everywhere on my paypal account how to delete my skype account and nothing.

Finally, since I had a recent charge on my paypal account from skype I clicked on it. To view your transaction history go to My account. Look at your account history and click on the details of a transaction from Skype.

There you should see: View billing agreement details.

It should say something like: You've authorized use of your PayPal account for future payments to Skype.You can cancel this authorization by clicking Cancel below.

Click Cancel and you are done.

Sorry this is the only way I could find.

Oh, and btw don't you love that from being free to call US and Canada, since bought by eBay you have to pay for that.

Problem with change paypal account


higbot said...

Thank you. Found this after searching on Google to find out how to do this and your instructions saved my lots of time navigating around paypal!!!

They really need a better, more visible way to do this!

Miguel said...


Where am I, you ask? said...

Thanks! Saved me a lot of time. :)

Jeremie said...

Thanks a lot. Skype support was unable to answer me. I was searching on every forums but none helped. I followed your instructions and it worked. :)

Barry Mac said...

Thanks for posting this, got around that awkwardness

ibrahim said...

thanks alot,i search alot about this on skype and paypal both but confused, now its solved.thank you so much

Nunz said...


Thank you. Took me like 30 minutes, wasting time trying to find this hidden option. What assholes for making this so difficult.

Thanks for posting this, much appreciated.

Troy Norcross said...

Thanks for this information - I'm currently in a dispute with Skype on this very topic.

According to PayPal - Skype is the one who should terminate this agreement. We should not have to go to PayPal to terminate the agreement on PayPal side.

I have closed my account - but did so before cancelling my agreement - and now I am stuck. It seems like Skype may be so rigid in their processes that I will no longer be able to use PayPal for payments.

Nathan said...

Found on the PayPal forums...

If you have a subscription or recurring payment, here are the instructions on how to cancel the agreement:
-Log in to your PayPal account.
-Click ‘Profile.’
-Click 'My money.'
-Click 'Update' besides 'My preapproved payments.'
-Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel.’
-Click ‘Cancel Profile’ to confirm your request.
You can’t reactivate a recurring payment after you cancel it.
Canceling a payment doesn’t cancel your contract with the merchant. You need to pay the merchant for any goods or services you have already received.

Kalyan Enjamoori said...
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jowy1511 said...

Thanks! My skype account has been hacked, credit used and unauthorised payment for auto-recharge I didn't set up was made through paypal.

Skype response has been absolutely rubbish.

Was trying to find how to remove paypal info from skype but no help on either websites.

Thanks for posting the info. Great help!

Melanie said...

Another BIG thanks

prasanth said...

Nathan...thanks a lot man it really helped to cancel recurring payments for skype....really skype sucks...

Arun Kumar said...

my profile -> profile -> my money - > my pre approved payments

Here you can cancel your pre agrements with skype.

Jakob Thusgaard said...

This solved my billing issue in a jiffy! No looking around - just straight to Google. Thanks!

Anabella said...

thanks! have been searching around for a while to do this!

Saken Kunanov said...

Skype is getting more intrusive everyday, and the quality of video and sound still worse. couldnt find also how to cancel the payment from paypal, as author said from skype account they direct you to paypal, from paypal you hardly find it, I couldnt myself until I read this text. at first skype will say you for free just join and ask you to make agreement for payment, then fuck!!! you cant get rid of it!!! i paid for skype but cant still call to anyone, hating more skype with everyday!!!

Suzanne said...

THANKS A MILLION for this post. I, too, tried looking all over PayPal and Skype for this, and I agree with the others that say this should be WAY more obvious. Shame on you, both Skype AND Paypal. Thanks goodness for the internet.

Alex Gold said...

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